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For Vietnamese Stature Foundation (VSF) is a social, charitable and non-profit foundation, was founded according to Decision No.1288/QD - BNV of Ministry of Home Affairs on December 16th 2014. VSF aims to improve physical and mental health of Vietnamese children, for a mighty Vietnam. With this mission, VSF focuses on promoting the right group of nutrition and learning of young people through the implementation of 3 core programs:


  • School Milk Program: VSF has been supporting the National School Milk Program in Nghe An since 2015 to ensure disadvantaged children can drink school milk every day.

  • Young Talents Nurturing Program: VSF accompanies the program “Vietnam’s Brainiest Kid” on Vietnam Television’s channel 6 (VTV6, the youth channel) and award scholarships to the winners of the program. Besides, VSF provide scholarships (short term and long term) for talented students and poor students across the country.

  • Healthcare For Pregnant Women Program: VSF carries out projects to raise awareness and skills on health care (including physical and mental health) of women in reproductive age, especially pregnant women - for physical and mental development of children in the future.


Beside major projects to realize these three target programs, VSF also regularly implements charitable and humanitarian activities, such as: Red Sunday, Tet for the poor, support for poor children, heart surgery for children, building school sites and bridges. ect.


With the experience and strengths in implementing youth support programs as well as the ability to connect and mobilize resources from stakeholders and the media, VSF fully believes in success of DynaGen Initiative.


For details and updates on VSF's operations, please see at:



Founded in 1959, Education & Times newspaper is the official organ of the Ministry of Education and Training and is The Forum For The Whole Society for Education.


Education & Times newspaper Online: http://www.giaoducthoidai.vn



VSDS is a unit under the Central Committee of the Vietnam Student Association, with more than 25 years of organizing national playgrounds for students. The programs organized by VSDS receive attention and follow up of a large number of students as well as society, include programs such as: The Student with Sea and Islands, Vietnam University Games,, Student Song Journey, First-year Students Festival, etc.